How Long Do You Take To Set Up

We need around an hour from arriving to being ready to play. Some things slow us down like difficult access and problems with getting parked near to where we load in the equipment. All the gear we use weighs around a metric tonne and we have to get it from our van on to your stage - but there are four of us and we work as fast as we can.

How Long Will You Play For?

Our standard performance time is between 8pm and midnight. We'll take a 30 minute break at the same time as your buffet (if it's a wedding booking). For corporate events this will vary as per your requirements. We can extend or amend our performance hours as requested, but this may involve an additional charge which won't be included in the instant quote.

How Much Do You Charge?

You can get an instant quote by clicking the button at the top right hand side of our home page. It's first come, first served, so if we're available on your date and you're happy with the price, don't hesitate to make a booking.

How Loud Will You Be?

We do our best to keep volume to a comfortable level. We do have live drums and they don't have a volume control other than Louis, our drummer! He hits them a fair belt, but if you're concerned about the volume just tell us on the day and we'll pull it back a bit. We're also OK with sound limiters but please let us know in advance if your venue has one fitted as we need to make a few adjustments.

What Do You Wear?

Shirts and trousers mainly. We jump around a lot and it gets hot under our lights but we go for a smart casual look. If you have specific requirements, just let us know.

Are You Insured?

Indeed we are. We have Public Liability insurance in place. Our people at Hireaband will forward all the necessary documentation to your venue automatically when you make your booking. It saves us remembering and keeps everyone happy.

Can We See You Live Before We Book?

Probably. We do a few pub gigs so get in touch with Hireaband to find out where. These are a lot louder and more casual than we'd be at a wedding or corporate event and we get to play some songs that you probably wouldn't hear at a wedding so please bear that in mind. We also perform at Hireaband showcases regularly so check on their web site for when the next one is happening.
Our videos are very accurate though, so you can book with confidence.

Can My Uncle Tam Get Up & Sing With You?

Of course, we love that. For uncle Tam's sake though, check with him first to make sure he's actually up for it and for his own safety, make sure he's not too "merry" as there are a lot of things to trip over on stage.

What Happens If You're Sick?

We're very well connected in the industry and each one of us has experienced deps to help us out if that happens. This means that we won't cancel just because one of us is under the weather. On top of that we have the back up and support of Scotland's biggest entertainment agency, Hireaband, who have access to dozens of great bands and musicians, even at short notice. To date, we've never let anyone down and we don't intend to start with your booking.

How Far Will You Travel?

We're full time musicians, so we're happy to travel anywhere in Scotland and the North of England. We may need overnight accommodation for bookings more than 2 hours from Glasgow, but not always. Check first as we actually prefer to come home after each gig if at all possible.

Will We Need To Feed You?

We're always grateful for any hospitality we receive but it's not part of the contract. If it's OK with you we'll join the end of the buffet queue, but if you'd rather we didn't please just tell us. Some bookings that require a lot of travel may have a request for hot food included in the contract. Our people at Hireaband will advise. We never expect alcoholic drinks at bookings but if you could ask the venue to keep us supplied with water and soft drinks, we'd be really grateful.

Will You Be Able To Play Our First Dance?

Given enough notice, yes! It takes a few weeks to get a song polished to our demanding standards, so let us know about 12 weeks in advance and we'll be happy to learn it. Remember too that especially in the summer, we're playing at an awful lot of weddings, so we may have a lot of new songs to learn, so it's really important that you tell us what you're after. Don't tell us too soon either, as we'll probably forget! :-)